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Watch: One woman’s badass athletic achievement is silencing sexists across the Web 

Will American Ninja Warrior crown its first female champion at the top of Mount Midoriyama?

Kacy Catanzaro became the first woman ever to complete a city finals course, in Dallas, and the first woman to ever make it to the finals in Las Vegas. If she manages to conquer Mount Midoriyama she could win the $500,000 prize and the title of American Ninja Warrior.

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We just redefined “plays like a girl!”




"can men and women really be just friends??" straight people are so weird

It is a fact that bisexuals can’t make friends. There is only prey.

*makes raptor noises*


the internet summed up in one gif set

I was going to keep this on the down low, but I’ll be going to Dr. Marci Bowers for a bottom surgery consultation on Monday.
If any other trans*masculine people who are considering surgery want to talk about it with me feel free to send me an ask or add me on facebook.
Please respect that this is a deeply personal and private topic and I will not be posting any further info on tumblr. 



Punk’s not dead, just sleeping

Punks can sleep literally anywhere. I swear they’re part cat or some shit.

I have literally seen a punk sleeping draped over the ticket barriers at a train station before.

Got a haircut, got my mandolin fixed, and alone in my apartment. I am the happiest.


I don’t care how many times I’ve reblogged this



what mens rights activists really sound like

mens. rights. activists.




This shows up on my dash like once a month and it’s funny every time.

This is still my favorite comic holy shit

The username he goes by is Matt_Rat and his comics are fucking hilarious