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Reflection on being off of T for 6 weeks

This has been the longest I’ve been off of T ever (except for that whole first 17 years of my life thing). It’s been interesting. The first few weeks weren’t bad at all, I hardly noticed any changes, in fact I felt pretty good, I might consider going on a lower dosage sometime soon actually. My “penguin” started up again around the same calendar time that it used to before it went away. I was certainly not happy, but I was able to deal with it and get on with my life much more effectively than I had been able to over the years even after I began T. There was no existential crisis, my masculinity wasn’t thrown over board, it was much more of an inconvenience because I didn’t want to have any type of sexual contact. 
Since getting my “penguin” I’m starting to notice some very minor changes. My energy level is much lower than usual, my face is looking different and a little less masculine than usual, it’s all very minor changes. The thing that’s throwing me off is now that I’m back at school the lack of T is interfering in the way I interact and see myself in social interactions. Again, it’s nothing major but I feel “off”.

It was a nice (non-consensual) experiment, and I’m glad I now know how it feel to be off of T should a situation arise where I couldn’t get it. However, I’m definitely looking forward to having my shot tomorrow. 

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  2. classwarandpizza said: Hope you can maintain access in the future, that fucking sucks you had to do that friend :/